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There's a very good reason why we are called Happily Hosted and that's because it's exactly how our ever growing number of clients feel - Happily Hosted! That's important because when you choose a hosting solution, you need to feel totally confident and 100% satisfied that they are going to take special care of you. In fact, we want you to be so happy with the hosting services we provide that you hardly notice that we are even here, leaving you to concentrate on your business, projects, studies or whatever else it is you do.

We believe in a no-nonsense, professional approach that gives you exactly what you need.

That's why we offer a range of great value, no compromise plans to suit a wide range of hosting needs, from a nice and simple Home and Student plan that covers all those student basics to our flagship Go Dedicated Extreme plan that really ticks all the boxes. And of course, if there's no hosting plan that quite meets your exact needs, we'll be happy to configure a bespoke plan just for you.

Choose great value hosting. Choose experience and performance. Choose to be Happily Hosted!

High Performance

Some people think that all hosting providers are the same and that those technical specifications are all for show. Well, they are wrong. Great hosting requires quality - and we don't disappoint! That's why our impressive UK based servers benefit from masses of memory and ultra fast access to the internet, ready to deliver your mission critical website or application up to ten times faster than many other providers.

Experienced Team

Experience counts for a lot in any business and hosting is no different. We've hosted websites of all sizes for over a decade, from basic local business websites to top blue chip companies like Lycos and even the UK NHS, so we have the know-how to effectively manage all of your hosting requirements. If you want the reassurance of hosting experience on your side, Happily Hosted has plenty.

Dedicated Support

It's important to know that if you ever need any support or advice with regards to your hosting then help will always be just a phone call or email away. Over a decade in the world of hosting environments enables us to share our experiences with you and help get the most out of your next project, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Rest assured that the Happily Hosted team are always here to serve you.

Happily Hosted

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