Feb 11th Enterprise Level Firewall to Protect Shared Hosting and Reseller Accounts

We're excited to announce the successful deployment of an enterprise level firewall to protect all shared hosting and reseller accounts at no extra charge.The firewall is fully managed by ourselves and has passed stringent external penetration testing.It is capable of handling over 15 million active connections and with full unified threat ... Read More »

Nov 22nd FTP vs FTPS

For added security, all accounts now force the use of Explicit FTPS instead of regular FTP. 

Please adjust your FTP clients accordingly or use the web based FTP client in your control panel.

May 12th Happily Hosted GDPR Compliance

Further to the EU regulations that come into force on 25th May 2018, please read our GDPR Privacy Policy

Jan 21st Customer Dashboard update v7

After significant testing we are pleases to announce that version 7 of WHMCS is now available to HappilyHosted.com customers.

May 27th HappilyHosted.com is now secure on all pages

All pages in the HappilyHosted.com domain are now protected by an SSL certificate.

Jul 10th New customer dashboard

Hi,We're pleased to announce that the latest WHMCS version 6 dashboard has been released and is now available to HappilyHosted.com customers.Offering a more responsive user interface for mobile devices and a whole host of security fixes and updates, we hope you will find it easier to use.Let us know if you find any bugs, or feel that things just ... Read More »